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Colour Consultants!

Is it time? Time for you to get the single most important and indispensable tool
no colour consultant should ever be without?

If you said YES, you’ll be joining the best professionals in the colour industry who know that having large, real paint samples of the colours they’re considering for a space is the single best way to determine whether those colours are right.

In my True Colour Expert Training I always ask,

“Who here thinks I have
some kind of magical ability
to see colour?”

Some people look at me like they’re thinking, “Really? Is she that arrogant?” A few people nod their head as if to say, “Yes, it must be magic!”

But here’s the thing…

The single most important “magical” tool I have are my collections of 11×14 inch large

painted colour boards.

When I don’t have my large samples with me, I’m basically visually impaired in terms of specifying colour accurately.

And without them, so are you.

Over the past 10 years I’ve had countless first-hand experiences in seeing the limitations a 2×6 inch colour sample has (never mind a 2×2 inch colour sample right from the store display rack). There have been so many times when I have found the colour in my Benjamin Moore architectural fan deck (the “professional” one with 2×6 inch samples) that I was SURE was the right colour.

I then pulled out my 11×14 inch large paint colour board, held it up and found the 2×6 inch sample was totally wrong.

Most designers and the clients that hire them think they should have a magical ability to predict what a tiny 2×2 inch paint chip will look like on four walls and make a decision. Well, I have news for you – it’s almost impossible to be accurate trying to successfully pick paint colours that way.

Even when I knew better, I still got tripped up one day, when a client asked me for an opinion on which colour they should pick to re-stain their floor. They showed me a tiny, printed sample on a brochure and I panicked, thinking, “I should know this, I’m the True Colour Expert!”  Later I realized that of course, stain is just like paint, no one can get enough information from a small sample and everyone needs a large sample to truly see what the colour is.

These colour board collections are ESSENTIAL for every designer, decorator, stager and colour consultant who wants to make the right colour choices for their clients.

What makes my collections of colour boards MORE ACCURATE than any you can find anywhere else is that they are actually painted. With paint. Every other colour chip, large or small is ink printed on paper.

A large PRINTED sample will not show how the colour changes in the light accurately. It must be PAINTED. Now you’re showing your clients a sample that will look exactly like the finished product.

“I started using your large colour boards and I can’t tell you how much my clients love them. They have cut my consultations in half. I have not had to explain a colour choice once since receiving them. My clients see that I chose the right colour instantly and now I find myself explaining my choice just to fill in some time so that it doesn’t look like I just pulled a colour out of nowhere. It’s very weird, but wonderful! I was skeptical when purchasing them, but they were worth every penny.”

Eugenia Triandos, True Colour Expert
Interior Design, Triandos Creations

“Maria’s large color boards have made my job so much easier. Clients can see exactly what the color will look like and I no longer have to waste time ordering larger paper color swatches. What used to be two visits to the client’s house is now done in one.”

Linda Holt, True Colour Expert
Principal, Linda Holt Interiors

“Since I started using my large color samples from Maria, it is amazing how easy it is to see the beige undertones, the pinks, the yellows and the greens, but they are also very helpful in showing the client that you really know what you are talking about and here is the proof. The color boards are very professional looking and they really make my job easier! Color is everything- you want to get it right the first time and these large samples in Maria’s collection of colors are priceless!”

Kelly Bernier, True Colour Expert
Color and Design Consultant, Kelly Bernier Designs

“Since I have taken the course, I have implemented the use of Maria’s large sample paint [boards]. These large paint [boards] make it much easier for my clients to see the suggested colour and now my success rate of having clients paint after my consult has increased dramatically. Staged homes sell faster and for more money when they are ready to move in – great colour helps!!!”

Susan Crema-Martin, True Colour Expert
Certified Canadian Staging Professional, Certified Master Stager, CCSP Mentor, Martin Designs

To immediately get your own set of my
Core Collection and VIP Collection

Why Two Collections?

My first collection – The Core Collection is a set of the top 40 neutrals and top 10 whites from Benjamin Moore. This core collection gives you a set of the most-useful neutrals and whites broken down by undertone. What makes this so useful is 90% of the time if you are looking at tile or countertops or any fixed elements, you’ll find the colour in this collection. My second collection – The VIP Collection is another set of 50 boards. This time I’ve added in a few of the latest greiges that are so hot right now and given you some of the best yellows, blues, greens and dark colours. I chose to focus this collection on blues and greens because they are the most popular colours after people have chosen their neutrals. The dark colours are great for exterior and sometimes it’s so much easier to choose whether to paint your fireplace surround black, for example, if you can hold up a large black or charcoal sample in advance. This VIP Collection is intended as an add-on to The Core Collection with all brand-new colours, no duplicates between them.

Every colour consultant should have the boards and the accompanying descriptive lists from both these collections.

The Pareto Principle

You may have heard about the Pareto Principle – more commonly known as the 80/20 Rule. It means that in anything a few (20%) are vital and many (80%) are trivial. Or 20% of the people own 80% of the wealth or 20% of the defects cause 80% of the problems. You can apply the 80/20 Rule to almost anything, from the science of management to the physical world.

You can even apply it to wall colours. The more than 2,000 colours that are in any given fan deck? We only really use 20% of them over and over again.

That’s what informed these collections. I’ve taken from the 20% of colours we use over and over again and created my Core Collection and the new VIP Collection.

“I am an interior designer who helps clients decide what changes need to be made to update an interior prior to resale. I can’t believe I ever worked without these. These core neutrals really do work 80% of the time. They are far better when seen in a larger sample. So many of these core colors turn out to be the wall colors when I see a room design I love and inquire what the color was.”

Lisa Lucas

So relax about knowing every single colour already.

All you really need for colour confidence – right now – are my
Core Collection and VIP Collection.

But it gets even better

What makes these collections so valuable is that you’ll also receive a list of every colour, categorized by undertones!

If you’re new to the undertone conversation you’ll want to check out my eBook, How To Choose Paint Colours – It’s All in the Undertones, to learn my revolutionary system of truly understanding paint colours.

Each colour, categorized by undertone, also has helpful colour hints that give you even more information.

“A word of caution over using grays with a blue undertone – no matter
how slight the undertone, your walls will end up looking bluer than “putty” gray.
Great if you were aiming to have walls with a hint of blue.
Not as good if you were aiming to have a more neutral “putty” feel.”

The beauty of having these lists quickly becomes apparent when you are shopping for a fixed element or furnished item. If you have a tried and true list of beiges broken down by undertone you will never again select a yellow-beige when what’s called for is a pink-beige. You’ll be clear which are the appropriate colours to choose from. What a relief.

To immediately get your
Core Collection and VIP Collection of colour boards

So, how do you do it?

EVERYONE has been asking how to get the best use out of my colour boards.

  • It’s easy.

Next time you are in a living room and you want to see if the colour you have just chosen is pulling the room together, prop up your sample (or two or three samples) down by the carpet, behind the sofa or on the mantle, stand back and look.

  • Easy.

Or you are in a bathroom or kitchen (where the undertones of tiles and granite are the most confusing) just go through your colour boards until you find the one that works.

  • Simple.

And the next time you need to know which countertop sample is right with the paint colour, just lay it down on the colour board and it becomes obvious. Or hold the colour board up vertically against your cabinets, underneath your existing countertop or lay several colour boards in a row on your tile floor leaning against the wall or counters. Now you can see which colour is right.

  • Totally painless.

“The large paint samples are simply wonderful tools. Each time I have used them my clients have a much easier time selecting a colour palette and seem to have a much easier time ‘seeing’ what I am telling them. I love these samples and plan to expand on the collection.”

Brenda Swanky, True Colour Expert

“First and foremost, the selection of Benjamin Moore neutrals is beautiful and the presentation first class. I can’t imagine a more comprehensive range of shades. The boards also look pretty and feel good. They are fun to place around the room (behind art, against the cabinets). My clients are impressed that I have such a great decorating tool in my possession! As a decorator, the samples provide a wonderful source of inspiration for painting a neutral canvas. [Within a short time of receiving my colour boards] I picked up two jobs because of them!”

Pam H

So, if you want to look and feel confident when specifying colour for your clients and/or for yourself, order my colour board collections – each with 50 boards. Each collection costs


(including delivery) anywhere in Canada or the US.
(Tax applicable for Canadian Residents)

Order both collections and save!
Are you ready to order these custom-made samples
so you can have the most critical and important tool
in your design or do-it-yourself world?

At $297 per collection, the cost of each board works out to $6.00 per board. The last time I made my own colour boards, buying a paint sample cost at least $6.99 – $10.00. That doesn’t include the cost of poster boards and paint rollers, never mind the valuable time it takes to do the actual painting. It took me two hours to paint eight colour boards — that’s a lot of time. Especially when I calculate what my hourly rate is for doing the job I’m really good at – colour consulting!

And, if you consider how much it costs to paint your house, depending on whether you hire a painter or do it yourself, you’re still spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the bill. It makes sense to invest $297 to make sure that the colour you pick is one that will make you happy when it’s actually painted!

Invest in your business with this must-have tool and you’ll walk away with a special bonus:
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